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Tracie Joy is an educator who lives in New Hampshire and teaches at the high school level.  She has degrees and psychology and education. She is an avid blogger and has been writing her blog Think Positive 30 for over ten years. She recently authored the book Thinking Positive: Take the Journey into Positivity.

Tracie is an avid reader who started thinking what if, and the rest is history. She  has always harbored the secret dream to write professionally, and though she has written for pleasure for years, decided to take the professional plunge in 2018.  Tracie is currently working on several different projects including a Young Adult paranormal novel, as well as a companion piece to Thinking Positive.

For fun, she plays far too many facebook games!  When she isn’t teaching, writing, reading, or spending time with her adult twins, she can usually be found watching her not so secret television addiction, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

By: Tracie Joy

Thinking Positive Toolbox

A Workbook for Developing Positive Thinking Strategies

We all try to think positive, but sometimes it can be so hard. Life can get crazy, and we get pushed and pulled from all different directions. How do you stay positive when life seems to be conspiring against you? The Thinking Positive Toolbox will help you develop your own strategies to stay positive in this crazy life.

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