A Riddle For You


I have a riddle for you!  What do Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Scribd, Indigo and Angus & Robertson all have in common?

They are all online retailers where you can purchase a copy of my ebook Thinking Positive: Take the Journey into Positivity.  I’m really excited, Amazon has been and always will be an amazing retailer, but I love having the opportunity to share my book on other platforms.

Speaking of books, I made a grand pronouncement a few weeks ago about a new book I was working on.  It’s a companion to Thinking Positive: Take the Journey into Positivity.  It’s almost done, and my goal was to have it finished weeks ago.  So what happened?  I’ll tell you what happened.  Covid-19 happened.  No, I don’t have it.  I am, however, working from home.  Let me tell you, teaching remotely is NOT at all easy. I spend more hours working from home than I could ever dream of doing in the classroom.  Between developing lessons for online, holding zoom meetings with students, keeping track of and documenting every single second you spend working and now creating paper and pencil lessons from the online lessons for kids who can’t manage online learning, I feel like I’m scheduled 48 hours a day!  Yeah, see the problem – days only have 24 hours.

So while I try and figure out a way to schedule my time more efficiently, something had to give, and that is writing.  I’ll get it figured out.  I know I’m not alone in this work from home conundrum.  To say that the struggle is real is an understatement for most of the world.  We will figure it out, and we will get through this, and eventually things will smooth out.  I won’t say go back to normal because I don’t necessarily know if that will happen, but what I do know is things will get better, and we’ll be better because of it.


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