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The Cancer Diaries – Day 7

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When you find out you have cancer you do a lot of thinking.  Granted I’ve only known for one day, but in that day, there have been a LOT of thoughts. The first thing I did was start researching because, you know, google knows EVERYTHING.  I did find out a lot of stuff.  As I was told, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma is the most occurring form of breast cancer, and since it was not there in my mammogram in 2021, and was there in 2022, it means it was caught early.  I don’t know about stages and stuff yet, but I’m sure I’ll find out on the 16th.

I am the type of person who plans for the worst.  Maybe that’s bad, I don’t know, but it’s who I am.  That does NOT mean that I expect the worst to happen, not at all. In fact, I try very hard to always be a positive thinking person and to look on the bright side. That being said, I still tend to make plans for the worst case scenario.

What I Want to Happen

If I have to have breast cancer, I know what I want.  I want a double mastectomy.  Yes, that is correct.  I want to go the slice and dice route.  I’m not planning on breast feeding any time soon, so I really don’t need them.  And while I’m not in a relationship now, and let’s be honest, probably never will be, if it bothers a guy that I don’t have boobs, he’s not the guy I want to be with.  I’d rather just remove the offending boobies and never have the opportunity for this to happen again.

Plan A

Now assuming the worst, and I get the double mastectomy, I would then have breast reconstruction.  There are two types of breast reconstruction surgery – the silicone implant kind, and another kind called flap breast reconstruction.  Flap breast reconstruction involves using of a woman’s own tissue — including skin, fat, and occasionally muscle — to reconstruct the breast.

Ideally, I’d prefer the flap breast reconstruction to get myself some smaller and perkier boobs.  How great would that be?  Itty bitty boobs!  I think that would be ideal.

Plan B

Now, I am of course hoping NOT to have chemotherapy.  Why?  Because seriously, who wants to fill their body with poison?  Not me, that’s for sure. However, if I DO happen to have to deal with going through chemo, and as a result, I lose my hair, I have a plan.  Wigs, lots and lots of wigs.  I found a purple afro wig, and a long teal blue wig, and a mullet wig as well as a few more.  Seriously, how can you go wrong with a multitude of fun, funky, ubeat wigs to cheer you (and your students) up?

Now let’s be honest, am I hoping to lose my hair?  Absolutely not.  I am, however completely serious about the double mastectomy.  I never, ever want to have to go through this ever again.

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