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The Breast Cancer Diaries – Day 8

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Today was quite possibly the hardest day in the world for me. Why? Because today was the day I had to tell twin A about the cancer.  While she was waiting for her flight in Florida, I texted her suggesting she call her grandmother.  Now twin A is nothing if not obliging, so while she called her grandmother, I called her boyfriend to find out what time they’d be home and to tell him I’d be stopping by.  I didn’t tell him why, just that it was something I needed to talk to twin A about.

Suffice to say that the conversation didn’t go well, nor did I expect it to.  She was quite upset, as was I.  It was one of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had, and it’s one I never want to have again.  Yet another reason why I want to have the double mastectomy.  But we talked and processed and I told her about my plan.  I wanted to go on social media and talk about what happened.  I didn’t want sympathy, but I wanted to make people aware.  Because I did have my mammograms, they were able to detect this stupid thing early, and that is a good thing.

What I said on Social Media

So a couple of weeks ago, I had my mammogram – I hate mammograms. I got a call a few days after that, they called me and said they saw something, so I had to go in for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that it wasn’t a cyst, so they sent me for a biopsy. I got the results of that on and they weren’t good. I apparently have breast cancer. I’m not posting this for sympathy, but to urge everyone, don’t skip your mammograms. Please. Early detection can be so important! I’m planning on fighting and beating this thing down, and I will because they caught it so early!

It did result in a lot of positive support from people and I am never one to turn away positive support, so for that I am grateful.  More importantly, I had several people share that they were going to schedule their mammograms  because of my post.  Please, for the love of all that is holy – please get your mammogram.

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