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The Breast Cancer Diaries – Day 9

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Today was the first day back after vacation. My vacation was NOT the relaxing time that I had planned.  I did do a lot of resting and sitting in dark rooms, but it wasn’t because I was taking things easy.  Nope mostly I was living in a world of depression and denial.  Now it was time to strap on my big girl booties and face the real world.  BLECH.

My first stop was to tell my AP (assistant principal for those of you not in the teaching biz) about the diagnosis and that I was going to have some appointments coming up.  Now my school, like most schools is low on subs.  By low I mean we don’t have any.  As a result, taking time off is a struggle, but my AP was so freaking supportive that it wasn’t even funny.  I was told to take the time I needed.  Do whatever it is I have to do, not worry about school, or anything, focus on me.

Seriously, I cannot believe the amount of support I received, not just from my AP, but from my co-workers as well.  Everyone was offering help and support, and to take time off to drive me to appointments.  People are kind of awesome.

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