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The Breast Cancer Diaries – Day 13

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Some Answers – More Questions

So today’s appointment was with the surgeon.  It started off with yet another doctor wanting to see my boobs.  I’m thinking of starting an only fans here.  I mean seriously, if everyone is going to be looking at my boobs, I should really get some money out of it.  Anyhow, the doctor was very nice, and she had myself and the wonder twins meet in her office to discuss all the options.  Funnily enough, while they think I’m stage 1, they can’t really determine that until after they remove the offending cancer and have it tested.  They also can’t tell if it’s spread to the lymph nodes until they take some out and test them.  So more questions.


I also got hit with choices.  A LOT of choices.  I get to choose between a lumpectomy, a mastectomy, or a double mastectomy.  There are pros and cons to each choice.  The lumpectomy has the shortest recovery time as they just take out the cancer.  But there is always a chance they don’t get all of it, and that means more surgery.  It also means mammograms every year and constant worry.  A single mastectomy will remove the boob with the cancer.  Longer recovery time, and still mammograms every year wondering if it will develop in the other boob.  A double mastectomy does not mean that breast cancer won’t return, breast cancer can actually occur anywhere.


And More Choices

Then there is the reconstruction decision. There are silicone implants , and there is the option where they take muscle and tissue from your abdomen and use it to build up new boobs.  The second option has a much bigger recovery time, but honestly, if I decide to go with reconstruction, and I’m medically a good fit for it, I’d rather have boobs made from my own body.  It just seems more natural.

So What’s Next?

That is a good question.  I have to meet with the plastic surgeon to see if I am a fit for the tissue abdomen thing.  If I am, I am thinking the double mastectomy is the route I’m leaning toward.  Not for the perkier boobs, but for the peace of mind of knowing that it’s gone.  I may still need chemo, or radiation.  That’s another thing they don’t really decide until after they analyze the cancerous tissue. So for now, I wait and wait, and wait.

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