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The Breast Cancer Diaries – Day 14

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Before I touch upon today’s doctor visit, I want to talk more about my emotions.  I am all over the place. I am up, I am down. I am mad, and I am sad. I am giving myself emotional whiplash from my mood swings. I can’t imagine how other people are coping with them.  I will say that my doctor did up the strength of my antidepressant so the good moods are starting to outweigh the bad, and that is important.  I need to have a good attitude and a positive outlook to crush this thing.

Today’s Doctor Visit

Today was a crappy day weather wise.  We had a snow storm and actually had no school today so that meant I didn’t use a sick day, so that’s a win.  My appointment was down in Peabody, Ma.  at the Lahey Clinic down there.  I was meeting with the plastic surgeon to see if I was a good candidate for the surgery that I want.  When he first entered the exam room and looked at my paperwork he said “You’re 56?”  to which I said yes, because I am.  Which he followed up with “Wow, you don’t look 56.”

Well that sure made me feel good!

Yet Another Person Got to See My Boobs

Seriously, more and more people are seeing my boobs.  I really should be charging admission.  But this exam was NOT to look at my boobs regarding breast cancer.  This was to see about building them back. Better than they were before.  Better, stronger, faster.  No wait, that was the Six Million Dollar Man.  I’m going for smaller and perkier.  So he did some measuring, and that was embarrassing.  Then he wanted to see my very tubby tummy.  Then he had me lay back on the table, and raise my legs straight up to check for a hernia.  No hernia so yippee.   All in all, because I have tummy flab, and because I am so “youthful,” the doctor’s words, not mine, I’m a good candidate for the reconstruction.

What’s Going to Happen Next

On Monday, I reach out to the surgeon and schedule the bi-lateral mastectomy.  At that time, the plastic surgeon will insert skin stretcher thingies and some drains.  The drains will be removed a couple of weeks after surgery and he mentioned not doing the reconstruction in June.  Not my ideal time frame but better for my work schedule, I guess.

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