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The Breast Cancer Diaries – Day 24

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Welcome to The Breast Cancer Diaries – Day 24.  I’m so glad you could join me!


Where Have I Been?

I’ll tell you where I’ve been.  I’ve been sitting around, not healing correctly or quickly enough resulting in weekly trips to my plastic surgeon.  Now he’s a nice guy and he is taking good care of me, but every week I’d go see him.  I’d take of my shirt and stupid ugly sports bra that I must wear 24 hours a day and I’d put on the ugly johnny (open in the front.)

He comes in looks at them and says “Better, but you’re still not out of the woods yet.  I want to see you back here last week.”   It gets kind of depressing after a while.

Good News

But wait, there is good news! Last week when I saw him he said “Looking much better.  I won’t need to see you for 2 weeks.”  I was doing virtual cartwheels in my head.  They also scheduled my second surgery.  The DIEP Flap surgery.  While I’m excited to get it done, I’m not as excited as the scheduling date.  I’m getting it done in mid May, which if you are a teacher, is a bad bad time.  Plus I’ll be out of work for 8-10 weeks meaning I’ll miss the end of school.

However it’s better than missing the beginning of school, which I don’t want to do.  Missing the end of a school year sucks, but missing the beginning is so much worse – at least in my opinion.

Medicine News

I did start the hormone blocker my oncologist wants me on.  It’s called Letrozole.  Basically it’s supposed to block hormones so it’s like I am going through menopause all over again.  Isn’t that fun? Though I have been fortunate, only a couple of hot flashes, a few mood swings and headaches.  Not as bad as the first time I went through it.

Work News

I just finished my first week back at dear old West High, and while it was exhausting, it was also good.  My administrators have been nothing less than amazing to me regarding my health. I will never be able to thank them for their support.  My teacher bestie and students painted one wall of my room purple and put up LED lights.  The student that did the majority of the paining wants to paint the whole room purple, but I think that’s a bit much, so we compromised with 2 walls purple and 2 a light yellow, but if and only if he is caught up on all his work.  He likes to paint so I think it will be a good incentive for him.

Other News

Yeah, I got nothing.  I am super boring and all I am doing is resting and watching Ghost Adventures.  Why?  I don’t know.  I do know that I like the older episodes with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. I really liked their chemistry.  It’s just not the same with the new guys.  I really liked the camaraderie the original 3 had together, and honestly Nick and Aaron were my favorites.  Aaron because they abused the poor guy so much and Nick, maybe because he was a New England boy – but he was also very informative and interesting with out having to be a show boat.


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