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I Have a Dilemma

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It’s not necessarily a bad dilemma to have, but it is a dilemma nonetheless.  I have been plotting and planning out a certain story for quite some time.   It’s a great story and I’m super excited about it.  However somewhere along the line, another story crept into my head and it just won’t go away.

Story 1

4 teens find out they are descended from an ancient civilization.  They are on a quest to find the center of their societies knowledge which has been lost for centuries.  As they learn about who the are and where they came from they have to evade the others who have descended from this civilization but who want to seize this knowledge for nefarious use.

Story 2

A woman of a certain age loses everything in her divorce. Just in time, a letter arrives from two unknown great aunts inviting her and her children to move in with them and start a new life.  Overjoyed, she and the kids pack up and head out, only to find out when they arrive that they come from a long line of witches.

The Dilemma

I just don’t know what story to write.  I know enough about myself to know I suck at managing my time, and I’m confident I can’t write 2 stories at once.  HELP

I’m open to suggestions.

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