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Meet J.T. Walker

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Meet J.T. Walker a sixteen-year-old boy of Native American Heritage.  He is tall and muscular, the typical All-American boy, but has a secret, and it’s a big one. When he was 10 years old, he killed his mother. Everyone said it was just a freak accident. They were ice skating one day when suddenly a giant hole opened in the ice and his mother fell in. T.J. got help as quickly as he could, but it was too late; his mother was gone. Nobody blamed him. A freak accident they said, thin ice. But J.T. knew better, he saw the hole open out of nowhere.

J.T. carried the guilt with him as he grew, and it shaped the person he became. To the world, he was this out-going friendly kid, athletic and academic. He was a 3-season athlete in school and worked and studied at his father’s karate school. For fun he’d go hiking and horseback riding. That was the J.T. he showed to the world, but only his close friends knew who he really was. He didn’t let anybody get close to him, not anymore. The only people who really knew him were his brother from another mother, Eric, and Sabina, Eric’s girlfriend. They were his people. They’d grown up together, practically from birth. They were his ride or die, and they would never abandon him, nor he them.

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