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Meet Sabina Cassandra Gheata

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Sabina was perhaps the most friendly, outgoing person at Nutfield High. For the most part, she liked everybody, except a choice few who have proven themselves completely unlikeable.  Yes, she’s looking at you, Vanessa. Everybody loved her, and every girl wanted to be her, but instead of making her stuck up, it made her more friendly, cheerful and simply loveable. She was a good student and was a dancer on the school’s dance team and worked in the school guidance department as an aide for extra credit. She belonged to several different clubs, and she seemed to be on the go, 24/7.

But all that going hid something that few knew, or if they had known, remembered.  When she was a young child, Sabina was on a picnic with her mother, her friends J.T and her now boyfriend Eric, when she got lost in the woods.  The story was that she just wandered off, as young children are apt to do, but Sabina didn’t wander off, she was lured away. She could hear someone calling her name a short distance from their picnic site, and she walked toward the sound. The voice kept moving away, and she kept following until she was hopelessly lost. She was eventually found over 24 hours later, but the event traumatized her. She kept busy and kept people around her as much as possible so that it could never happen again.

She never told anybody about what she saw in the woods, not her mother, not the searchers who found her. The only people she told were J.T. and Eric, her best friends. They believed her because they’d all seen what she’d seen at one point in their lives.

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