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Meet Eric Michael Wallace

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Meet Eric Michael Wallace


Eric is your typical class clown. While he is a good student, he lives to annoy his teacher and coaches with his crazy sense of humor. And while it annoyed his teachers, they tolerated it for two reasons. The first being that Eric was an incredibly likeable kid. The second was because of the tragedy he suffered when he was younger.

Eric was born in Boston, but his parents moved to Nutfield when he was about 3 years old. For a while, he had a typical upbringing, pre-school, play groups, and friends, including his best friends J.T. Walker and then friend and now girlfriend Sabina. The three of them have been thick as thieves since Eric moved to Nutfield and they were in the same pre-school class.

Eric had always been a happy-go-lucky kid with a bright smile that made everyone around him smile, which was surprising when you considered his parents. They were cold and aloof from everybody, including their own son. It was like he was a bother to them, which made it surprising that they were on a family trip when the tragedy happened. It was a rainy night when Eric’s father lost control of the car and it careened down an embankment.

Rain pounded on the overturned car as Eric struggled to get out of his seatbelt. He cried out for his mom and dad, but they didn’t answer. Freeing himself from his seatbelt, he fell, landing in the shattered glass from the rear window.

Eric didn’t tell anybody what happened next, other than J.T. and Sabina but he looked out the window and saw small lights in the distance and he heard a voice calling. “Torin, you must run. Get out of the car and get away from it.” He didn’t know who Torin was, but it sounded like good advice to him. He struggled out the shattered rear window and staggered away from the car, just as it exploded.

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